About Professional!

About Us:

PROEGYPT Since 1990 is one of the few companies with the objectives of delivering constant quality products and services in the fields of computers and communications. We insist on providing you with the best delivery terms possible because we appreciate your precious and valuable time. In addition, we strongly support and guarantee our products to insure you a smooth operation.

PROEGYPT is presently targeting several sectors of the market; including hardware, software and networks; and would like to have the honor of serving your company to insure that you get the best up to date quality products and services.

As a result of constant evolution, we cater to everyone's product needs, whether they use long-standing technology or are constantly upgrading their systems. That's why PROEGYPT has a wide selection of products. One of our key success points is our quick response to our customers and our quick prompt delivery.

We provide the products and services to create fully integrated, high performance networks within large sites and between geographically dispersed LANs and WANs, as well as Voice over IP and Wireless Communications Equipments.

In addition PROEGYPT is specialized in designing, implementing & supporting integrated network solutions. Our network solutions are based on the most reliable and top of the line brands.

PROEGYPT doesn't just stop at a broad technical product selection. We back that up with before and after sales customer service on everything we sell. Now, Company has another three departments:

  • Professional Help for software Solutions

  • Professional Help for Network Consultant

  • Professional Help for New Technologies