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Network Consultancy & solutions

Scope of work :
This Department works via more than one trigger allowing it to be involved in any customer services, requests and technical demands , triggers like(arranged prospectively according to importance lowest to highest ) :

i. In House Cabling

ii. Technological Devices installation (PC's , Printers , Scanners , Servers , readers, cameras ,,,ETC) and Mostly everything works on any previously mentioned over LAN , WAN ,SAT or any other connectivity mean.

iii. SiteLAN installation including previously mentioned types of installation in addition to Racks , routers and switches and any layer 1 ,2 ,3 devices according to DOD hierarchy of a networks.

iv. Configuration of any mentioned previously devices with one of two measurements and KPI's separately taken:
a.Customer provided topology configuration and solution.
b.Customer purchases topology configuration and solution.

v.Providing parallel integrated service mentioning all previously mentioned even more if needed via sister companies.

vi. Finally as a result of having more than expert team of engineers we provide new services of connectivity and other means of reachability via Intelligent Cloud computing technology , Satellite reachability & connectivity sorts of technologies which is not yet totally recognized in local middle east market , Packeteer's Packet Shapers technology and other solution which we sell to customers reaching highest measurements of secured high data transmutation mean some of them consider as confidential below our company authority to deal with and under direct administration of me personally in technical mean.

Code of Conduct :

we never turns down a customer demand in whatever scale of technical means , supported with more than experienced team certified globally in all technological branch and with sub-contractors with granted KPI's & SLA's and managed by us and under our direct supervision.